Have you ever heard the the place of love? many people say that you can find that place in Italy, because of it’s classic and harmonious places, that are perfect for couples to stay. In Italy we can view the famous Lascala opera house located in Italy’s fashion capital in Milan. take a boat ride in stunning lake Como. Visit barona and see the famous Romeo and Juliet. The enchanting city of Venice 450 bridges and 400 canals best viewed on a delightful Gundola ride. Stroll saint marks square the Centre of Venice admire the odd tilt of the lining tower of Pisa. Sample open wine and olive oil in Chianti vineyard. see the dominating towers of ┬áSan Gimignano tower. and the fan shaped Piazza del capo in Siena.

We can also visit the Florence’s of easy gallery. And view a replica of Michael Angelo statue of David, take an excurson to the Island of Capri and see the spectacular sea cave. We can also go to the fascinating insight into the ruins of Pompeii, devastated by the eruption of mount Vesuvius in AD 79. At the national Archaeological museum in Naples. See the priceless treasures discovered in in Pompeii. enjoy an authentic Neapolitan pizza feast at the local restaurant. Zigzag along the most breathtaking bends and curves of the Amalfi Coast ride. Visit Rome and see the ruins of Forum and coliseum. Italy is one of the beautiful places in the world, try visiting this place and feel the beauty of the Italy.