Let us learn some Etiquette and Customs in Italy

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There are different kinds of customs and etiquette practiced in every country. It is normal as each custom is different so it varies in every country you go. Even in one country you can see and know that in each places like provinces there is also variation of etiquette and customs followed. Today let us know some Italian etiquette and customs that you can observed when visiting in this welcoming place. Let us first see some etiquette during meetings. When you greet you should do it formal but enthusiastically and with a handshake.

Calling cards are often used by Italians in social activities that are a little bit bigger than the usual business cards that contains basic information on a person.

When you want to give gifts do not give flowers in red colour as it represents secrecy and yellow for jealousy. When you present gifts they are usually opened so be prepared. At funerals you can give chrysanthemums but not in any other situations.  Proceeding to the dining etiquette, you should wear formal clothes when invited to some event even though it says informal.

In terms of punctuality they are not strict as you can arrive late up to fifteen minutes when invited to a dinner. Let us see also table manners that you should consider. You must wait to be invited to sit down before you do so. During the meal you should let the hostess take the lead. Time can be manageable when you try to market online. You can find many positive comments about online marketing, see this article. Everyone already using this strategy since we are now living in the digital world.