Reasons to learn the language Italian

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Ciao Italian, unfortunately is often considered not worth the effort learning boo! it totally is Italian is a language of romance food history art food … did I mention food. I m gonna give away all the reasons to learn Italian before I ever begun! stop! Today I m gonna give you 9 reasons to learn Italian. Ragione numero uno Italian is the closest living language to Latin, yes language can be living or dead, Latin is everywhere in the zoo in medicine they are in our daily lives then if you want a dead language then go for Italian, ragione numero two. Food seriously I know I have said it a lot but food how many times you have to go to costa or pizza express and gone I’ll have a double frappa mocha?

Well now with Italian you can be the person that everybody hates and order perfectamente. ragione numero 3 have I convinced you to learn french or Spanish in the previous episode video? If so then Italian is a perfect follow up language if you know Spanish french or even Portuguese then Italian language is great language to progress into, ragione numero quatro you can get angry when people say Isn’t Spanish and Italian the same thing? or worse if you see this question, is Spain in Italy?

seriously that’s a genuine, ragione number five yes I teach french and Spanish, and yes I have made videos telling you to learn french and Spanish ┬ábut reason number six why you should learn Italian is because it’s not french and Spanish you see, if you speak to any school kid in UK chances are they learn french from school or Spanish from school, but if learn Italian you sound a little bit cooler when people are like cooler. oh well I did learn french at school Oh I learn Italian in school. actually learning Italian is good and you can share this to your friends and they will feel that you are cool. these are the reasons why we should study Italian.