The culture of Italy

Italy is the peninsula in Europe that means it is completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Italy also has a two beautiful big Islands, Sicily and Sardinia, the Italian flag is the tricolor future three equal vertical sections green, white and red some says that the green represents the plains and hills, white the snow cap albs, and red the wars of Italian Independence, and the other meaning is faith hope and charity.  The capital city of Italy is Rome or Roma in Italia and it is 3000 years old. Naples is in the south of Italy  it is city by the sea.  where the food is very good, and they make the most delicious pizza. in Venice here we can find the most famous carnival in Europe, people during carnival wear beautiful cool mask like Cassanova mask, Venice is also wanted for a romantic city, its completely surrounded by a  water and it has a big canal system and many bridges.

Italy’s history is wonderful complex  narrative. That spans from empires and generals a brilliant artistic periods and inspiring revolutions today, The name Italy comes from the greek word Italos which means calf, there are two independent states in Italy, The republic of San Marino and the Vatican City. Soccer is Italy’s most popular sports. and the famous sincere stadiun in Milan  holds up to 85000 people. Italy has won the world cup 4 times  the last time 2006 in germany. and estimated three hundred strayed cats lived in Rome, most of them can be found walking inside or around the Collosseum.