The best of Italian foods

What is your favorite food? is it Pasta? Is it pizza. do you like to taste Italian recipes?

Today I have a very special dinner recipe for all of you. I recently came back from Italy, and I’ve been creating a lot of pasta  recipes,  so I had to share one of these as well. so for this pasta you are going to use six ingredients they are garlic, onion,spinach, mushroom, pasta and almond milk, a lot of people wants a healthy recipes, so here it is for you.

I hope you enjoy.

The easiest way to fill up water and boiled, it was used to add in the pasta, and we will be using one cup of red lentil pasta and this pasta is made out of red lentils, once the water is boiling just add in your pasta  let it simmer and put cap it off. and while the pasta is cooking I m going to cut the garlic and mushrooms I m going to cut two clove of garlic. and the mushrooms.

To get the pasta some more flavor, I m going to cut a fourth of onion, and now it time to saute all of this. now that my pasta’s done I m gonna drain it. now in a pan just add in some olive oil, so to start of put on the garlic  then quickly adding the mushrooms , then add on the onions  once you think the onions have soften up lets mix it all together  now and add in the almond milk now to add in some veggies to this dish, lets add in a cup of spinach, and when it is ready you can add in you red lentil pasta that you cooked, if it is seemed to be dry, try adding more of the almond milk and if it is ready, turn off the heat and plate it up. and there you go , you have your very own Italian pasta dish.